At present, the pain points of the door and window industry are highly dispersed markets and clear crowd positioning, with brand recognition and differentiated products unique value proposition.

Based on this, according to the positioning of the rear of the SANHE doors and windows 80-90, as well as the characteristics of the main solid color doors and windows, and to meet the brand's "simple love life" value appeal. We have cut the young people's pursuit of fashion and individuality. We have created a brand new terminal image for the “Sanhe Doors and Windows” with a clear sense of belonging and a clear product proposition.

4 large units to build a concise and clear spatial layout, including: the product and experience unit to provide product awareness; the scene unit to provide product application; the exhibition unit to provide quick comparison; and the design, installation and subsequent maintenance of rapid response Service unit.

Among them, color is the visual focus of the brand. This area separates the excessively rational value orientation of traditional doors and windows, and establishes a terminal image full of fashion and vitality that meets the needs of the target group. At the same time, around the clues of color to establish the perceptual value in addition to the functional value of the product, to meet the needs of the young group for the increasingly personalized home decoration style. Letting good-looking become a new point of interest to generate topics and interactions is no longer a purchase of cold "aluminum" products but a lifestyle proposal. Maximize the value of the brand's products to achieve differentiated identification of the brand within the industry.