On June 9th, 2018, the first experience store of Toshiba Kitchen Appliances was officially opened in Foshan. With the most affectionate Japanese courtesy, starting with a fish, it tells a piece of "exquisite cuisine" from the "Midnight Diner" story.

Toshiba Kitchen & Electric Experience Hall, a change of kitchen appliances to bring people the traditional impression of cold industrialization, around the "good", creative "good stove / good cooking / good roast / good steam / good food" five themes, living interpretation of the kitchen The different meanings of electrical appliances and gourmet life make the electrical appliances such as smoke stoves, microwave ovens, ovens, steamers and so on become connotation and temperature. What's more worth mentioning is that the flat visual content of the entire space revolves around the most common ingredients in the Japanese cuisine of “fish”. How to use the star single product "stone kiln oven" to cook the most delicious "salt grilled saury, tin foil grilled salmon, fragrant grilled spring fish...", here is a food tutorial that can be "shooted" everywhere, and can open Oven, cooking the
taste of "a fish" by hand.

The new model of Toshiba's kitchen terminal stores allows products to be integrated into the atmosphere, into the experience, into life, and even into the culture, so that they are no longer isolated, but stereoscopic and diverse. At present, Toshiba Kitchen has reached a strategic cooperation with the high-end custom brand VIFA, allowing consumers to purchase cabinets and kitchen appliances in one-stop shop in the “good kitchen and cheese” store to meet the needs of high-end kitchens.

Toshiba Experience Store is just out of product technology, let consumers experience the spiritual aspects of Japanese humanity from more dimensions, and bring a little Japanese kitchen art to the fast-paced life!