the German manufacturing

這是一次用“德系制造”匠造標準來審視空間設計的藝術審美、工藝技法和思考方式的設計體驗過程。我們對AEG的深度解讀從高端消費群體日常烹飪、飲食、社交習慣的場景和軌跡, 甚至已延伸到連續4年的德國IFA展的持續比對,去運用到AEG在國內品牌標準的建立?;诖?,才有AEG德國純正血統和調性的呈現,以及進一步的德國高端電器生活主張的演繹 —— 讓消費者在AEG的場景空間中真正感受到德國制造的品質魅力,滿足他們對于未來高端家電生活的一切想象和期待。

This is a design experience process that examines the artistic aesthetics, craftsmanship, and ways of thinking in space design using the “Made in Germany” craftsmanship standards. Our in-depth interpretation of AEG from the high-end consumer groups daily cooking, diet, social habits and trajectories, has even extended to the continuous four-year German IFA exhibition continuous comparison, to apply AEG in the establishment of domestic brand standards. Based on this, AEG Germany's pure bloodline and tonality, as well as the further interpretation of German high-end electrical life claims - let consumers truly feel the quality of German-made quality in AEG's scene space, satisfying them for the future high-end Everything in the life of home appliances is imagined and expected.