因此我們為造夢者打造了一個“Dream BOX”,用造夢者德國基因中占據主導的理性特質貫穿5大模塊:Dream Gallery 品牌、Dream Lab 技術、Dream House 場景、Dream Cafe 溝通、Dream Capsule 引流。為達成更高效銷售引導,在整個購物流程中,設置4個關鍵熱點:

我們倡導“N+1”的高效引流和轉化的商業形態,特別設計的Dream Capsule可以靈活的放置于各類型的公共空間,讓品牌和產品以更高性價比達成地推。對客戶商業模式的深度解讀,是我們設計的初源;讓商業模式完整落地終端,是我們的價值。

We have been thinking about what the ultimate consumer demand for space customization will be. We think it is: custom-made from the inside out. The concept of “space air customization” proposed by the dreamer, a brand with deep German genes, fits the ultimate consumer demand for space customization.

How to fully express this relatively abstract business idea and relatively hidden product set in the storefront space in a minimalist and visual way is the key to consumer cognition and decision-making. So we created a “Dream BOX” for the dreamer, using the rationality of the dreamer's German genes throughout the five modules: Dream Gallery brand, Dream Lab technology, Dream House scene, Dream Cafe communication, Dream Capsule drainage .

To achieve more efficient sales guidance, set up four key hotspots throughout the shopping process:
1. The value of the face is justice, and the storefront is the window. The minimalist appearance is like a gift box waiting to be opened. A small red ribbon has been opened to attract customers. 2. Delivering self-confidence with honesty, the product is displayed from the inside out to the consumer experience. Imported parts quickly solve the problem of quality trust; 3. Eliminate concerns with simulated situations, use the installation examples of key spaces (living room and bedroom) to quickly solve the doubts of beauty and convenience; at the same time, deeply experience the “sports air customization” "! 4. Finally, complete the design communication and product set selection with a more relaxed communication environment.

We advocate the “N+1” efficient business model for efficient drainage and conversion. The specially designed Dream Capsule can be flexibly placed in various types of public spaces, so that brands and products can be pushed at a higher cost performance. The in-depth interpretation of the customer's business model is the initial source of our design; it is our value to let the business model complete the terminal.